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What is Objective Evidence
What is Objective Evidence (OE)?
It is the new/latest requirement from J-STD-001. It is to demonstrate the reliability and robustness of your circuit assemblies.
Why do I need to provide OE
Why do I need to provide OE?
If you build to this IPC standard, it is mandatory to provide OE. Alongside this, if your technology is ahead of the standards, you can use the OE concept to demonstrate the validity of how you test.
Why is OE an issue today
Why is OE an issue today?
You may be familiar with the number 1.56µg/cm² from the ROSE test. This number has now been removed and is no longer a requirement for quality. OE is the replacement.
Why is OE important
Why is OE important?
Reliability in the everyday world is of paramount importance. The electronics that Impact our daily life get more and more important, so ensuring they work and are reliable is everything.
How do I test for OE?
How do I test for OE?
To achieve OE, you need to utilise SIR testing, Ion Chromatography and Ionic Contamination measurements. These techniques produce data that is your Objective Evidence..
Where can I test OE
Where can I test?
You can purchase your own equipment, or utilise a test laboratory..
How often do I need to test
How often do I need to test?
Regularly! Having used SIR to achieve OE, you now need to prove it repeatably! You can do this quickly and effectively on a shop floor using the Ionic Contamination technique for process control.
Where do I start
Where do I start?
Gen3 can be your source of equipment and knowledge to help you achieve your OE.

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