Where can I test?

We understand that this is a BIG change to manufacturing process and with it, can be costly. But it doesn't need to be. 

You can purchase your own equipment, or utilise a test laboratory. GEN3 have been supplying Test Laboratories around the world with our measurement instruments especially AutoSIR and AutoCAF for almost 30 years. The majority of these businesses are ISO 17025 accredited; most have multiple systems and some over 50 instruments.

Preparing the Test Vehicles/Coupons for an SIR or CAF test is always to the customers account, but always buy the test coupons from your preferred supplier of boards, using the exact same process and surface finish as the intended end-product.

Then process these using the dummy component set using exactly the same material set and assembly process as the intended end product.

Where can I test
Your test laboratory will advise you how they wish to have you package and deliver these to their test facility.
The easy part is to prepare and run the test. The more complex issue is assessing the resultant data and trying to ascertain good from bad results. Test labs that are available and use the AutoSIR equipment include:
Element (who recently acquired NTS)
Trace Laboratories
NPL Microtek China
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Precision Analytical Labs (PAL)