Where do I start?

Being a specialist in Quality Assurance for electronic assembly and with over 100 years of combined electronics industry experience, we are ideally placed to help clients determine the most suitable process control for their production process. We can provide Training and Consultancy Services in regard to:

  • Conformal Coating
  • Solderability Testing
  • Cleaning and Cleanliness Testing
  • SIR and CAF Measurement
  • Selection of Synergistically Compatible process materials - Flux, Paste, Clean/No-clean, Coat/No-coat
  • Trouble-shooting and resolution of assembly process defects

And of course, Objective Evidence questions! 

We already conduct test work for several "World-Class" companies on the above topics.
Our services can be tailored to specific requirements whether this is operator training, troubleshooting or "expert opinion".
Test Method

In respect to SIR testing, GEN3 have created a Test Method to help customers run Process Characterisation / Validation / Verification SIR Tests. This document has been in widespread use since it was first introduced in 2003 by our predecessor business Concoat.

GEN3 endeavour to maintain this document as fresh updates and new research data appear, notably from test work that we conduct for customers.

Experimental Setup